Active Killer Incidents


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Anytime I hear the words “last resort” being referenced to fighting back during an active killer or active shooter incident, two thoughts immediately come to mind:

1. Political correctness

2. HR friendly

Remember this: Passivity against lethal violence does not bode well!

Violence is ugly and one cannot dress it up into a more suitable context that is user friendly. It is also not helpful to employees or anyone attending such training. Be wary of any active killer or active shooter program that claims fighting back is only a last resort. Fighting back may be the least preferred option but it is by no means a last resort option! When a Dedicated Threat is attempting to KILL you, one must have the proper mindset to prevail in such a violent and toxic environment. You do NOT get to work up to using violence to save your life. Yes, you may have other options that do not include fighting back but you had better mentally be prepared to fight for your life from the onset of violence! Let’s put this “last resort” mantra to rest once and for all!