Active Killer Incidents: A Guide for the Armed Civilian

Active Killer Incidents: A Guide for the Armed Civilian by Scott Kirshner covers sound tactical principles for preparedness minded civilians to prevail in an Active Shooter or Active Killer Incident. Covered in this book are methods for civilians to stop an active killer using solo and team tactics. Introduced is the "Attack, Escape, Evade" response paradigm.

Kirshner discusses close quarter battle to include the foundational skills of:


-Situational Awareness

-Color Codes

-OODA Loop

Also covered is civilian gear along with tactical trauma care to include valuable training scenarios. This work contains insightful and relevant information that can keep you and loved ones alive.

This is a must have book for today's violent world. If you have made the commitment to WIN, SURVIVE and PREVAIL against violence this book will take your skills to the next level.