Officer Survival for Code Enforcement Officers

Officer Survival for Code Enforcement Officers by Scott Kirshner is a comprehensive doctrine on survival skills for those tasked with prevention, detection, investigation, and enforcement of violations of laws and ordinances pertaining to public health and safety. Code Enforcement Officers go by variety of titles such as Code Compliance Officer, City Inspector, Neighborhood Preservation Inspector, and other variations. A Code Enforcement Officer may be a sworn peace officer or a non-sworn inspector. Therefore, there is a wide variation between authority, training, and safety equipment issued to officers. Yet, job titles and authority do not protect you against violence.

Code Enforcement Officers have been killed and seriously injured in the line of duty. It is critical that officers and inspectors train survival skills in a manner that is realistic, dynamic, and under stressful conditions. If you are not training for the “worst-case scenario” against a “dedicated threat” then your training will not prepare you for the realities of a dynamic and violent encounter.

Officer Survival for Code Enforcement Officers covers:

- Self-Assessment

- Combat Mindset

- Survival Fundamentals

- Use of Force

- Officer Safety Practices

- Self-Aid and Buddy-Aid

Officer Survival for Code Enforcement Officers contains multiple valuable exercises to increase your officer survival skills. Whether you are a new officer or seasoned veteran this book will provide you with specific information you can immediately implement to be safer.