Goal Setting for Law Enforcement Officers

Goal Setting for Law Enforcement Officers: Be a Survival Oriented Officer by Scott Kirshner, M.Ed. is the ultimate goal setting resource for LEO’s who are committed to officer survival. This work provides a simple and highly effective method for setting goals in a manner that is well defined using an easy to follow step-by-step process. There are many books available about goals but few are dedicated to the survival oriented law enforcement officer.

Additionally, information is provided on why most goals fail and ways to avoid these pitfalls. Whether you want to: Get in shape, eat healthier, learn self-aid/buddy aid skills, improve your firearms skills, become effective against an edged weapons attack, etc. this book will guide you towards goal achievement and success. This concise book gets to the point, is focused, and stays on topic. It avoids the theoretical and academic psychological information relating to goals and motivation that ends up overwhelming many readers.

Goal Setting for Law Enforcement Officers by Scott Kirshner, M.Ed. covers the following topics:

-The Power of Goals

-Why Goals Fail

-S.M.A.R.T. Goals for Law Enforcement Officers with examples

-SWOT Analysis and Goals



-Thought-Stopping to Neutralize Negative Self-Talk

-Techniques to Keep You on Track

Goal Setting for Law Enforcement Officers will provide you with the knowledge you need to clearly define your officer survival goals and successfully reach your potential. No more excuses, delays, or procrastination. Remember: Hope is not a survival strategy. Now is the time to stop thinking about what you want accomplish and time to start writing your goals down so you can successfully achieve your goals. With the knowledge obtained in this book you can: COMMIT TO WIN.

Win. Survive. Prevail.