Officer Survival for Correctional Officers

Officer Survival for Correctional Officers by Scott Kirshner is a comprehensive doctrine on officer survival skills for those who supervise inmates from behind the fence in prison. Correctional Officers can supervise both juvenile and adult inmates who have a demonstrated and documented history of breaking the law. The reality is that most prisons are overcrowded and underfunded. This leaves an inmate population that is ripe for violence. Correctional Officers often supervise inmates with a history of violence, domestic violence, sex offenders, seriously mentally ill, gang offenders, members of hate groups, etc. that will not hesitate to harm you.

Correctional Officers have been killed and seriously injured in the line of duty. It is critical that correctional officers train officer survival skills in a manner that is realistic, dynamic, and under stressful conditions. If you are not training for the “worst-case scenario” then your training will not prepare you for the realities of a dynamic and violent encounter.

In Officer Survival for Correctional Officers you will learn about:

-Combat Mindset

-Survival Fundamentals

-Use of Force

-Officer Safety Practices

-Self-Aid and Buddy Aid

Officer Survival for Correctional Officers has valuable exercises that you can use to increase your officer survival skills. Whether you are a new officer or seasoned veteran this book will provide you with information that you can immediately implement to make you safer. This book can literally save your life!