Search Operational Plan for Probation and Parole Officers

Search Operational Plan for Probation and Parole Officers by Scott Kirshner is an organized method to plan the execution of a probation/parole search. This workbook is broken into three sections.

Part A is to be completed by Lead Officer/Team Leader. This section covers the necessary information to be briefed with all search personnel. The lead officer is to conduct a thorough briefing with probation/parole officers and police officers to define each officer’s role and responsibility during the search.

Part B is information that is to be completed by the Recorder. This information is to provide a documented record of the search and to assist with writing the incident report.

Part C is an After Action Review (AAR).

Searches cannot be conducted in a haphazard manner which occurs far too often. The Search Operational Plan will provide officers a step-by-step process to plan a safe and effective probation/parole search.