Surviving Violent Encounters: Win-Survive-Prevail

Book Cover: Surviving Violent Encounters: Win-Survive-Prevail

Surviving Violent Encounters: Win – Survive - Prevail by Scott Kirshner is written for those who refuse to be a victim when involved in the worst-case scenario where you are facing imminent serious bodily injury or death. Discussed in this book is how survival mindset in conjunction with a skillset will make you a very formidable adversary for the predators in society. The focus is on lethal force engagements when avoidance, verbal de-escalation and retreat are not possible. When no other options are available but to fight you must use violence that is immediate and decisive in order to survive and prevail against a brutal attack. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death to you or loved ones. Topics include:

-Why you should never allow yourself to be restrained

-Why you should avoid the ground

-Dealing with multiple attackers

-Mindset to include situational awareness and the OODA Loop

-Targets to attack

-Weapons and more

Violence is a reality in the world we live. With the information provided in Surviving Violent Encounters: Win – Survive - Prevail you will have realistic principle based information to not only survive but prevail in a violent encounter.